The students will build specialist knowledge in the field of applied computer sciences with the flexibility to follow their interest through the choice of optional modules, courses and electives


The knowledge and competence of the students year after year has resulted in leading companies visiting the campus regularly for placements. Many of the students opt for post graduate education in the best universities across the globe. With an inclusion of Summer Internships and International Internships, the students get practical exposure to professional work environment.


The department conducts workshops on pre-placements, internships opportunities, virtual company on campus, and student ambassadorship. To constantly improve the learning outcomes the University has put in place:

  • Campus Wide Quality Improvement Program (CWQIP)
  • Gifted Student Development Program (GSDP)
  • Total Student Development Program (TSDP).

These programs are actively monitored by the management.

Curriculum Details  


The department is kept abuzz with activities of the various clubs with active student participation. These include:

  • PES Open Source Community: A group of students and mentors who work on promoting the use of Free and Open Source Software,
  • Student Microsoft Developer: A student community working researching and developing apps/games for Microsoft (formerly Nokia) Devices,
  • Android Labs: A community working towards researching and promoting Mobile Application Development on Android Platform and
  • PES.NET: DotNet Student User Group of PES run by the students of PES CSE.


Ordell Ugo gives students a chance to participate in the process of developing ideas into research concepts and workable products. Starting from a single room with a small group of students it has grown into a hub of ideas where a large number of students work on innovative projects

Centre for cloud computing and big data has successfully initiated projects independently and in collaboration with other research institutes. At present the funding organizations for this domain are government organizations and industry. The vibrant academic environment and a tradition of active participation in technical events have resulted in publications in premier conference proceedings and leading journals.

Centre for Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering(KAnOE) is a research center funded primarily by the World Bank through the Government of India – Ministry of Human Resources Development. With a focus on the unique area of combining analytics with ontological engineering, KAnOE aims to make a defining contribution to the field of knowledge management through knowledge analytics and ontological engineering.

Applied Research in Technology for Education (ARTE) focusses on evolving and applying new methodologies driven by technology for effective academic assessment and management.


The department has well equipped laboratories, lecture halls with audio-visual recording and streaming facilities. Library, faculty lounge, seminar hall and discussion rooms keep the academic environment active


The commitment of the staff in pursuing excellence in their academic field and inspiring students to do their best has attracted leading companies looking for the best talent. The staff is active in participating and hosting conferences that bring together experts and delegates from the industry.